Upgrading Curator’s Upgrade

Due to a spate of over-zealous feature addition (under-zealous planning?) we have decided that the next release of Curator deserves a full version upgrade: Curator 2 is coming! 

With a Beta release just around the corner, Curator 2 is almost completely rebuilt from the prior version, with capabilities we’ve never offered before for loading, transforming, and harnessing data. Customers will be able to handle a wide array of new data types, and employ Curator in new tasks like Data Aggregation and Data Quality automation–all while taking advantage of Curator’s heritage of templated dataset rules and support for semantic data capture.

Many of the new features we have added are a result of the terrific customer feedback we have received–both positive and negative–over the past year of development. We’re very excited about Curator 2 and we couldn’t have conceptualized it, let alone developed it, without the folks that committed times to demos and pilots of the new version.