Meet Elevada at the 2017 Annual Big Data & Business Analytics Symposium

The Elevada team will be at the annual Big Data & Business Analytics Symposium this week at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Elevada will be demonstrating the latest version of Curator and highlighting some new and exciting features.

This symposium focuses on pragmatic issues faced while deploying big data strategies to drive business success. It has a special focus on managing and analyzing the data captured through marketing, product development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and service in a global setting.

The symposium also seeks to provide a clear distinction between legacy analytics that are pervasive in industry and the emerging next generation tools, technologies, and processes that will form the foundation for a new wave of innovation and growth.

We hope you’ll visit us Thursday March 23 – Friday 24 at the Vendor Booths in the Ballroom A/B Hallway and Hilberry Hallway.