Coming soon: Curator Version 2.3

Here’s a quick run-down on all the new things you’ll be able to do with the latest version of Elevada’s data preparation and management platform.

  • Automatable Data Combination
    In version 2.3, joining and blending datasets is upgraded–and, even more exciting–fully automatable! Now users can combine together two or more data sources to power a brand new dataset in seconds, whether you want to just add records together into a single body of work, or to combine. You’ll be able to choose one or many columns to join data with a host of data combination options once you make your selection. Then, automate! Apply your settings to a saved preset that can be used and even applied automatically to incoming data. For organizations needing to regularly combine data sources this is a quick win that you can stand up and use today.
  • Transformation Presets
    Sure to be a power-user favorite, Transformation Presets take the ease of developing, saving, and sharing your data manipulations to the next level. With Transformation Presets, you can take any stored set of steps from a Transformation and save them as a Preset, making it available system-wide. For instance, your team implements a complex currency manipulation function with several steps, quality checks, or alerts. Now it takes seconds to save this Transformation as a Preset that can be reused within the Project or anywhere else by your team. You can even load a Preset and modify the details, which presents a great opportunity for teams that repeat processing in nearly the same way with regularity.
  • Data Source Column Connections
    With Column Connections, any user can get an easy status update of which source data is going where–and specific source data that isn’t being used–at a glance in any Project. Many times data are set up to be transformed through Project Automation routing. With Column Connections, you can see what data has been mapped, what is still scheduled to transform, and precisely which operations are scheduled to be performed on any source data.

  • Automatic Date/Time Import
    Dates and times can be automatically imported, transformed, and exported from a wide array of string formats–anything from 12/24/2014 03:30:05 to The 4th of July, 1976 will work. A date and time can even be parsed from an input block of text using the new data Action. Once picked up as a date, calculations can be run from there and dates can be converted into a variety of output formats.
  • Intelligent Alert Consolidation
    Intelligent Alert Consolidation takes a powerful feature of Curator 2.2 and makes it even easier to use. Custom alerts are user-configured messages that can indicate when something is missing from expected data or is in some way incorrect about processed data. The alerts are completely configurable and can be triggered on any testable condition of the data. Intelligent Alert Consolidation takes these alerts and streamlines them so that major data processing events don’t overwhelm the dashboard and Curator Messaging capabilities.

These features and many more are all part of Curator’s drive to be the best, most powerful data preparation and automation platform customers can get their hands on, and they are rolling out soon.

Features of Curator 2.3 are currently rolling out to select customers. The final release will be GA and rolled out to all Elevada customers starting July 2017. If you are a current customer and want to know more about the release timeline, please contact your account representative for more details or to schedule your upgrade.

More Information

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