Announcing Elevada’s Studio: A DataOps Workbench

For the last few years, Elevada has been committed to making life easier for business users who work with data on a daily basis. Our customers were challenged to assemble meaningful, consistent datasets from messy, disparate data. We built Curator as a web-based product so that teams could get off their desktops, collaborate on data projects and share their “data whispering” techniques with each other.  

This past year, we introduced Data Automation as a key concept within Elevada’s platforms. With Automations, our users can immediately apply their knowledge and expertise to hundreds of datasets with a few keystrokes. For our customers  ranging from fledgling startups to some of the largest companies in the world, Automations power significant business operations with no IT burden or deployed software code.

Now it’s time to get the IT departments and technical teams in on the act. In our discussions with customers Elevada has encountered a number of opportunities to leverage the technical talents and existing works of data scientists and developers for the benefit of all the users of Elevada’s Data Automation portfolio. That’s why we’re announcing our second product, Studio.

Elevada’s Studio is a technical environment stocked with tools that can build data processing functions, data integrations, and packaged custom data operations. From simple data mapping routines to software modules containing core business logic, each data operation published using Studio will be instantly accessible for use within Curator and throughout Elevada’s products. Studio provides a software development kit (SDK) for Elevada’s Data Automation Platform. By configuring and deploying data operations, business users can easily select pre-configured functions anywhere within Elevada’s Data Automation Platform.

Because Elevada’s Studio is designed for technically-skilled team members, these users can fulfill DataOps needs within their team or organization. Organizations with thriving DataOps capabilities are able to plan, design, and deploy data tools for the entire enterprise in a rapid and agile framework. The result: DataOps professionals can help adapt to new business conditions and data requirements in near real-time, as efficiently as possible.

Interested in Studio and Curator? Check us out at We’d love to hear more about your data challenges and share our latest demo with you. Interested in Elevada and what we have to say about data automations? Feel free to peruse our website and blog.