Announcing Curator 2.2: Release Dates Set

Elevada is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Curator Version 2.2. This version will be Elevada’s most ambitious release yet, encompassing dozens of new features and hundreds of improvements and fixes.

Elevada’s priority for developing the latest release of Curator is making life even easier for teams managing their data together. Users are greeted by a brand new dashboard, offering team visibility and customizable alerts that bring all of the day’s data work into immediate focus. With Curator 2.2 it’s easier to get started assembling and cleaning data than ever before, thanks to a new Quickstart wizard that takes a single file and converts it to a project in seconds. We have redesigned projects with teams in mind, allowing power users to design data tools that can be shared with everyone on the team–even occasional contributors. Expanded project automation controls allow teams to apply their shared work automatically on dozens to thousands of datasets. With fully-automated data projects, Curator turns repeated data processing chores into push-button operations that can save teams up to hundreds of hours of work each month.

In addition to the new team and projects functionality, data management features of Curator are dramatically improved. Complying with company- or industry-mandated data standards can be complex and expensive. With Curator 2.2, including a brand-new data field importer, expanded fields definitions, and data template auto-generation, much of the complexity and cost of implementing data standards can be reduced.

All of this new functionality is rounded off with over a dozen new data transformation tests and actions, highlighted by powerful new functionality for handling dates and times in data.

Exclusive to Curator 2.2 Team and Enterprise Editions, Elevada will be releasing Curator Filesystem Integration. Filesystem Integration enables non-technical users to build complete endpoint-to-endpoint data automation flows where file imports and exports are completed by the system with no user intervention. Administrators for Curator will have tools to define locations within accessible filesystems where data can be automatically imported and exported. Curator’s new alerting and dashboard features give users a constant view into processing status and quick, direct links for identifying and resolving non-standard data issues.

Curator 2.2 will be rolled out to Elevada Cloud customers in April 2017 and Elevada Self-Hosted customers in May 2017. Advanced access to Curator 2.2 will be available in late March 2017; please contact us for more details.