ALTERCOM Improves Mediation with Curator

Curator has given us the ability to quickly accept new file formats for use in our system which significantly improved our speed to delivery.

– Simon Coyne, Director IOT Billing

Altercom is an Australian-based company in business since 2010 serving the billing needs for a niche but crucial segment part of telecommunications. Their current mediation process is set- up to handle complex billing using set inputs and outputs. When a new customer comes into play with a novel file format without warning, Altercom looks to Elevada to quickly address the transformation of the files without having to involve its Development team to make modifications to the existing software.

Altercom has successfully used Curator in monthly billing cycles with large batch volumes of data. Each monthly batch includes source files that are automatically transformed following the rules that have been established and the data are output in the format required for the billing system; REDBAC. With an initial setup time of a few hours, the automation can be rerun every month with just a few clicks through the interface–and the goal for the near future is to reduce the number of clicks to just one.

As a result of implementing, when Altercom acquires new customers with different file formats and local nomenclature or a new filetype from an existing customer, Curator provides a rapid, cost-effective solution to quickly onboard customers with no hassle, no additional cost, and–crucially–no inconvenience or delays added to the new customer relationships.